How old is Zoro’s Post of The TimeSkip?

zoro post timeskip

Zoro’s age post time skip in one piece is 21 year and height 5 Feet 11 inches. After the two year time skip, Zoro comes back to the story with strong determination and power. He has always been a skilled swordsman, but during the time skip, he trained under the legendary swordsman Dracula Mihawk to further enhance his skill.

While Zoro took a break from the story, he got much stronger and better at fighting. He trained really hard with Dracule Mihawk, who’s the best swordsman ever. This made Zoro even better at fighting.

He also got a new sword called Shusui to replace his old one, Yubashiri. Shusui is a really cool sword with a black blade and a white handle, and it’s one of the best swords around.

Zoro Story Post Time Skip?

It has been involved in some epic arcs. One of them is the Dressrosa arc, where he helps Luffy and the crew take down the warlord of the sea. Its strength and swordsmanship are on full display as he battles against tough opponents, and the other notable arc is the whole Cake Island arc.

Where Zoro joins the rescue and their crewmate, Sanji, in the clutches of the big mom. So, his determination and loyalty shine through as he fights alongside his friends in his dangerous adventure. 

And also not left the Wano country arc where Zoro plays a major role in the battle against the fearsome Yonko, Kaido, and his beast pirates. His incredible sword skill and unwavering resolve make him a force to be counted on.

What did Zoro do During the Time Skip

During its time skip, he learned various sword techniques and styles from the Mihawk Such as.


This technique involves creating powerful shockwaves with his sword swings.

Taka Nami

 It is the best and most useful technique he used in battle. It allows Zoro to send a powerful wave of compressed air towards his opponents.

Kokujo O Tatsumaki

 This is thebest move involves to spinning rapidly while slashing his opponents with incredible speed and power.


 It is a skill where he uses his swords to create a rapid that can bend projectiles.

 Oni Giri

 It’s a powerful slashing attack in which he brings a slanting cut with giant force.


 This is Roronoa Zoro signature fighting style, where he exercises three swords simultaneously, using both hands and his mouth.


 It’s a rotating attack where it rapidly rotates his body while cutting up his opponents.


 This is a method where Zoro taps into an inner power, showing many ghost like forms to scare his enemies. These are the same techniques that he learned from the Mihawk.

Zoro Faced Some Tough Battles During his Time Skip

While the details of all his battles aren’t clearly shown, it’s indirect that he took many forceful fights to test his new skills and strength. One famous battle that he faced during his time skip, was against a powerful group of bounty hunters known as the “Franky Family“.

They were causing trouble on the Sabaody Archipelago, and he walked in to take them on. It was a challenging fight, but he showcased his improved swordsmanship and routed them with his unbelievable power and skills.

Additionally, Zoro also had some meets with powerful creatures on his journey. For example, he fought against a huge baboon like creature called a “Kuja Warrior” on the island of Kuraigana. It was a severe battle, but their training was rewarded as he succeeded in coming out successfully.

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